Lucas Coca Bastos da Silva was born in São Paulo on June 12, 1988 and from a very young age was inserted in the musical environment. His father was a big fan of heavy metal and has always been a great influence for his entrance not only in the musical style but also the lifestyle that this type of sound represents.

His musical training began early: the first guitar came at age 9, and the first double bass at age 12, fully self-taught, Coca from an early age was fascinated by the music of idols like Geezer Butler and Cliff Burton. Over the years, his influences went from Grand Funk Railroad to Cannibal Corpse.

Coca-Cola’s first band, Cryptococcosis, whose lightning career from just one show emerged as a joke among friends, was responsible for discovering its versatility. In the absence of anyone who could sing, he took on both the vocals and the four strings, functions he never left again.

Over the years he got a lot of stage experience in the São Paulo underground with bands like Ambassis Acrania and Vennegorth, until joining Alex Marras and Gabe Gifoli in 2014 to form Darchitect and record the debut Mechanical Healing, released in 2017.

Besides being present on stage, Coca is also a familiar face of Brazilian rock and heavy metal fans for their work of more than 10 years at Die Hard, one of the biggest and best-known disco stores specialized in Brazilian style, located in Galeria of Rock.


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