Born on April 10, 1993, in São Paulo, Gabriel Pina Gifoli has been a drummer since 2001, the son of drummer Francesco Gifoli, whose band I.N.R.I. was part of the effervescent São Paulo underground rock scene of the 80s. He began to learn the instrument with his father when he was 8 years old, he won his first drums at age 11 and formed his first band, Hawker Hart, with school friend Alex Marras, at 14

His influences on the instrument range from Phil Rudd to Gene Hoglan, past heroes Nicko McBrain, Nick Menza and, above all, Neil Peart. After the dissolution of Hawker Hart, he formed Aryuz in 2012, a band with which he recorded an EP the following year, produced by Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench at Mr. Som Studio in São Paulo.

Gifoli is a trained journalist and currently works as a freelance translator and writer, never having neglected the practice of musical instrument and band work.

He joined friends Alex and Coca to form Darchitect in 2014, with a more daring proposal of extreme metal, different from his previous projects. In addition to drummer, he was also responsible for all the lyrics of the debut album, Mechanical Healing, of 2017.


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