Mechanical Healing

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01. Prellude to Illumination
02. Elevate into Dark
03. S.I.S.
04. Holy Cross
05. The Sand and the Sea
06. Mechanical Healing
07. Sabotagem*
08. Thy Blood in my Hands
09. The Sailor

Release: 2017
Recorded at The Bunker Studio, São Paulo, Brazil in December 2015/ April 2016
Produced by Alexandre Marras
Co-Produced by Gabriel Guedes Góis, Lucas Medina and Darchitect
Mixed and Mastered By Alexandre Marras and Lucas Medina
Cover Artwork by Joe Petagno
Booklet layout by J.Duarte Design
Photos by Daniel Ribeiro
Songs by Alex Marras, Lucas Coca e Gabe Gifoli (except 7*, by D. Gifoli and F. Gifoli)
Lyrics by Gabe Gifoli
Label: Die Hard Records

Lucas Coca – Bass and Vocal
Alex Marras – Guitar and backing vocals
Gabe Gifoli – Drums and Backing vocals


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