Darchitect was created in 2014, in the city of São Paulo, the result of a joint idea by Alex Marras, Gabe Gifoli and Lucas Coca. While Alex and Gabe had known each other and played together for nearly 10 years, Coke got into the lives of friends a little later in 2011 when he started college with Alex’s now wife. Soon the three became friends and, with the friendship, came the desire to start a musical project, facing the extreme metal. Thus was born Darchitect, whose name comes from the union of the words “dark” and “architect”, with Alex on guitar, Gabe on drums and Coca on bass and vocals.

Also in 2014, the band recorded their first single, a cover of the song “Dethroned Emperor”, by the Swiss of Celtic Frost. In the same year, Alex moved to the UK, which did not stop the band from starting the composition of their first album, even remotely. After working with extreme dedication, the songs that would integrate the debut of Mechanical Healing, whose recordings began in December of 2015 and were extended in April of 2016, in the studio The Bunker, in São Paulo – Marras returned to Brazil to record its parts still in December and then returned to England, where he even mixed the record in his home studio. The mix was by Lucas Medina. For cover art, the band featured renowned Joe Petagno, who signs works with Motörhead, Vader and many others.

Launched by Die Hard Records in March 2017, Mechanical Healing topped the bestseller for several weeks, becoming one of the most successful independent metal metal albums of the last few years. In July of the same year, the album was made available for streaming on the big platforms. In August, the first clip of the band came out, the lyric video of the song “S.I.S.”. For 2018, Darchitect plans its first tour and is already in contact with producers and partners to schedule the shows both in Brazil and abroad. The band also works on new compositions, and a successor to the first album should not be delayed.


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