Born in São Paulo on January 2, 1993, Alex Marras comes from a family of musicians and has been in contact with rock and heavy metal since his earliest days – his father is a big fan of music, especially progressive rock.

The first steps in his musical journey came with guitar learning with teacher Marcio Sanches, a renowned guitarist from São Paulo. In 2007, at age 14, Alex formed along with Gabriel Gifoli his first band, called Hawker Hart, when the two still attended the school together. With this band and other projects in which he participated over the years (Kuston, Aryuz, among others) he got his first experiences of studio and stage, and since then he has not stopped.

Influenced early on by bands such as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Megadeth, the guitarist began to develop his own style and later became interested in the extreme metal of bands like Opeth and Death, whose influence helped to shape a sound and footprint unique.

In addition to being a musician, Alex Marras is also a trained music producer and mixing and mastering technician, having worked as an assistant at the Gravodisc studio in São Paulo before starting to work with independent artists inside and outside Brazil.

Founder of Darchitect in 2014 with Gabe and Coca, Alex took advantage of his experience and became responsible for the entire production of the album Mechanical Healing, his first full-lenght work both as musician and producer.


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